Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Are soccer goalies lazy people?

For some reason or another, soccer goalies are crazy bunch. They are not asked to make 20 to 40 saves a game like hockey goalies. Heck, 10 shot on goal is a high number at the elite levels. With this in mind, why is it these goalies go absolutely nuts when they have to make a save?

I'm not talking about being pumped up for making a great stop, though. I'm talking about when they get dribblers right at them and they immediately start screaming at their teammates.

It's one thing if it was only every now and again, but it's not. I'd also give goalies a free pass if the opposing team has no right getting the shot off. But with some guys (talking to you, Tim Howard of Team USA) it seems like every friggin' shot that gets by the defense and to the keeper is cause for an uproar.

This leads to the question in the title of this post. Are goalies lazy athletes? That's like a surgeon getting pissed off every time he needs to go to the ER and save a life. It's your job, and you're paid well for it, what's the big deal about actually having to perform?

I have multiple problems with these actions from goalies. First, players should not constantly be calling out their teammates in the public eye. Not just calling them out, but flipping out on them so much that in the HD era viewers can see every drop of saliva flying from the goalies' mouths. Second, it appears to be a cry for attention, even though a great save gets a player 10 times the amount of attention yelling at teammates and appearing angry does. Third, it's just immature.

But maybe goalies aren't lazy. There are other explanations for their outbursts. They could hate their jobs and wish they were strikers. They could be taunting the opposing team for bringing weak sauce.

I don't believe any of those for a second, but thought it fair to bring them up.

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  1. Not to be a complete douche, but it's a tad unfair to pick on Timmy because I'm 95% sure he actually has Tourettes.

  2. You make a strong point. I singled him out because I see him the most often, but I still think they all flip out way to much. Also, there are different levels of Tourette syndrome. I don't know how intense Timmy's is.