Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eagles making big splashes in free agency

By Jeff

The city of Philadelphia is very excited for the NFL season to start. I've been here the past few days, and in that time the team has signed Nnamdi Asomugha and Vince Young and traded for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Don't forget they added Jason Babin, who had 12.5 sacks for the Tennessee Titans last year.

Needless to say, fans of the team are thinking this is a championship year.

Of course, Eagles fans are like any other Philadelphia fans in that they are relly passionate and really annoying. I want to tell them how their moves suck and they won't do anything in the playoffs, but that would be a lie. They have one of the best two corners in the league to go along with two other very good ones. Their defensive line just got a very good pass rusher and Vince Young could be Michael Vick 2.0 in terms of reviving his career. The only thing they don't have going for them is their top weapon on offense, DeSean Jackson, is holding out for now. We see this every year and it's pretty much guaranteed he'll be playing when September rolls around.

On the other side of the state, the Pittsburgh Steelers aren't doing too much. They released tackles Max Starks and Flozell Adams. Starks was coming back from an injury, owed a lot of money and was really fat. Adams was owed $5 million and the Steelers didn't like him that much. They did re-sign Willie Colon, Jonathan Scott and Ike Taylor, though. Colon and Taylor were great signings, Scott has me shaking my head a little bit. Why can't the Steelers find a reliable lft tackle to protect Ben Roethlisberger's blind side? I know this team got to the Super Bowl with Scott playing left tackle for half the season, but that does't mean Scott played well. Roethlisberger still got sacked and pressured often.

Of course, we can't talk about the moves made this past week without touching on the New England Patriots. In usual Bill Belichick fashion, the Pats got two very talented players in Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco for a couple late round draft picks.

What the hell? Every year the Patriots are doing this. Is Belichick the only man that thinks he can handle these egos, so he can make these ridiculous deals? If that's true, then I'm losing a lot of respect for coaches around the league. Belichick is a great coach. It pains me to admit that but I have to. But at the same time, there have to be others out there that have a set of balls and can get big egos in check. Right?

If the season is anything like the excitement that free agency brought, we're in for a great year.

The Eagles - Peaceful, Easy Feeling

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