Friday, July 22, 2011

Damn you, NFL!

By Jeff

The reason I'm so upset with the NFL, both players and owners, is because they created a product that I am pretty much addicted to. This addiction means I will watch football when the season starts up again even though I'm pissed at the league and it's players.

The latest revelation is that the players once again think the owners are trying to screw them over. This is a day after owners approved a new CBA and reports were that the players would approve today. They didn't. Instead they are going back to their previous stance that owners are trying to screw them. It was so annoying hearing Takeo Spikes tell us that this was a power play by the owners.

What happened to all the good feelings we were hearing about the past 10 days? Well, other than Peyton Manning and Logan Mankins being little girls about the franchise tag. Poor guys. I get why they don't want huge, guaranteed one-year contracts. They want to get massive, multi-year deals. That's nice, but fans don't like hearing guys complaining about receiving guaranteed deals that would give said players eight figure salaries for a year.

But even with this news, and the fact owners were crying about making tons of money, but not quite enough, I won't boycott the NFL. The game is a part of my life in the fall and winter. I would wake up at 3 a.m. every Monday on Guam so I could watch the game. Sleep be damned. It's an escape from the fact the weekend is almost over.

Of course, these feelings leave me even more pissed at the owners and players. They have such a great thing going, yet they would risk it all for more money.

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