Thursday, June 23, 2011

When remakes go too far

By Jeff

Is it me, or has Hollywood lost all creativity?

Just look at all the movies that have been and will be released this summer. The summer schedule is filled with sequels, comic book movies and adaptations from children's books or older movies. "Inception" is the only original movie I can remember in the past year or so.

Well, I was scanning IMDB today when I stumbled on this trailer. Apparently they are remaking the dance classic "Footloose". I have a soft spot in my heart for "Footloose" for a few reasons. Kevin Bacon is awesome, Kenny Loggins was all I listened to until the 5th grade, and I can't imagine living in a town where dancing is illegal.

It stars some guy I've never seen before, a woman that looks a lot like Miley Cyrus and Dennis Quaid, who once again proves there is no role he will turn down.

These reasons allowed me to ignore how terrible a young Jessica Parker was, the absurdity of Chris Penn being in healthy shape, the whole warehouse scene where Bacon's character is so angry he has to dance it out, Bacon swinging from a random rope in said scene, and whole plot in general.

Why would Hollywood make a remake and update it with modern rap music and bumping and grinding? Haven't they already given us three "Step Up" movies?

This movie will fail. It needs to fail. But it won't. It seems like it's the uncreative movies that bring people to the movies. I'm guilty of supporting this, as I have seen many comic book movies in theaters.

Sarah Bareilles - Uncharted

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