Monday, June 27, 2011

Bring back Jagr

By Jeff

The Pittsburgh Penguins have been exploring the possibility of bringing back former star Jaromir Jagr for the upcoming season. I'm all for it.

Of course, if you live in the Pittsburgh area and listen to Ron Cook on 93.7 the Fan, you know the old columnist doesn't want to bring back the five-time Art Ross winner and one-time Hart winner. This is because of Jagr's infamous "I'm dying alive" comment he made in regards to playing for the Pens in 2000.
You couldn't Photoshop a mullet like that.

Jagr was then traded for a bunch of scrubs and the dark ages of the Pittsburgh Penguins officially began.

That quote also led to Pens fans, myself included, hating Jagr. How dare he hate being in Pittsburgh and actually say it! It was this anger that allowed us to ignore the fact he played in 81 games, scored 52 goals and accumulated 121 points in his final season with the Pens. Jagr struggled in the playoffs that year, with just 12 points, but he made Darius Kasparaitis' Game 7 overtime goal against the Buffalo Sabres possible. It's easy to overlook, but he fought off a Sabre at mid-ice and kept the play alive.

Following this season the team was terrible. They finished last in the division and continued to trade away its core players for crappy prospects. I'd be dying alive too.

If the price is right, bringing back Jagr could be a great move. The man can score. Sure, I haven't seen him play in about three years, but it's not like he left the NHL playing poor hockey. He had a career low 25 goals in his last NHL season, but he still led the New York Rangers in goals and points. Put him on a line with Crosby or Malkin, and he should be a lock for 20 goals. Something that recently has been a big problem for Pens wingers.

The only way this move wouldn't work is if Jagr came in with the attitude that he's the star. Seeing as Jagr is 39 years old, I doubt that idea will cross his mind and he will be more than content to defer to Crosby and Malkin.

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