Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DUIs should lead to suspensions

By Jeff

If you read this blog on a somewhat consistent basis, you know I get extremely pissed when athletes get arrested for drunk driving and then don't get punished at all.

Well, I had a ray of hope when this article came out. It just makes sense to hold athletes feet to the fire when it comes to driving drunk. It's such a joke that there are provisions for weed and cocaine, but not alcohol. Sure, one substance is legal while the others are not, but driving while drunk is illegal and should have a specific provision with how to deal with players who abuse alcohol and choose to drive.

Of course, then I read this article, which got me upset. I hear players saying it drinking and driving should not be a cause for suspension because the guilty party might be punished by the law, and that should be enough.

I don't get it. Teams and the league fine and suspend players and managers for tweets or being critical of the league and umpires. But they shouldn't punish players and managers for breaking the law and endangering other people's lives? It's not a knee-jerk reaction as it was written in the Crasnick story. Drinking and driving has been a problem plaguing the country for years. And athletes need to be held to higher standards. That's the life they chose.

No is saying they can't have a beer after work. What I'm saying is they need to held accountable for their reckless actions. These prepared statements from the teams after the incident aren't enough. They always say they will monitor the situation and deal with it accordingly. Let me translate this. What they're really saying is, "We're going to act like nothing happened, keep our guy in the lineup and hope no one ever talks about this again."

What a joke.

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