Monday, January 24, 2011

William Gay gives critics collective bitch slap

By Jeff

Seeing as it's been about 15 hours since the Pittsburgh Steelers joined the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl, there are not a lot of different angles to take. With that in mind, I'd like to express that William Gay had a great bounce back year after sucking last season.

There is no arguing that Gay was not ready to be an everyday starter last season. While he played very well when he substituted for Bryant McFadden in 2008, he was lost as a starter in 2009. Opposing teams targeted him, and those receivers usually had big days.

Fast forward to this season. McFadden was back, so Gay was used in nickel and dime packages. Maybe he didn't stand out during the year, but if you're not mentioning a nickelback's name, he's probably doing his job. The only game where he showed his 2009 form was against the New England Patriots, who used a tight end against Gay to great success.

Find me another game this year that Gay hurt the Steelers. I can't see a game where his poor play stood out. He's not a starter, but the league is going more pass-happy and he has had plenty of chances to continue last year's trend of poor play. He didn't do that this season.

Look no further than the team's biggest game of the year. Gay and Ike Taylor blitzed, Taylor forced the fumble and Gay recovered. Not only did he recover it, he took the ball to the endzone. The score made it 24-0 and turned out being the game-winning score.

It's time for his critics to stop calling for Gay's release, or head. With two good seasons compared to one poor one, it's time to cheer the man.

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  1. Bitchslappin is fun, isn't it? Lolz. Check out this video from Canadian comedian Josh Rimer which I found on YouTube!