Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm actually defending Jay Cutler

By Jeff

The headline says it all. I'm coming to the defense of Jay Cutler after many players, fans and members of the media went after the Chicago Bears quarterback for not playing through a Grade II MCL sprain in last Sunday's NFC Championship game.

According to (It was the first result on Google), A Grade II MCL sprain can cause more pain than a Grade III sprain, which is a complete tear of the ligament. There was more medical talk but the point is Cutler had a legit injury.

Cutler said that the injury was making it hard for him to plant on his throws. Passes are going to be under thrown and inaccurate if you don't have a solid plant leg, so it makes sense that he was pulled from the game.
If you want to punch his face, you're not alone.

I'e never seen players go after another player in such a way as they did after Cutler didn't come back in the game. Sports sites were abuzz with reports of current and former NFL players calling out Cutler's toughness. Maurice Jones-Drew was especially harsh, saying he played all season on a hurt knee and he didn't get why Cutler couldn't do it for one game. No disrespect to Mojo, he's awesome and I do not question his toughness, but he was inactive for the two most important games of Jacksonville's season this year. Mojo's injury was more serious than Cutler, but that still doesn't give him much room to talk. The Jaguars missed the playoffs because of a late season collapse and Mojo was watching it unfold in street clothes.

Then there was the Arizona Cardinals' Darnell Dockett spewing hate Cutler's way. Dockett's team couldn't win the NFC West. The same NFC West who had a 7-9 team win the division.

San Diego Chargers' Phillip Rivers was a little more reserved. He did not question Cutler, even though it's very obvious Rivers hates the man. He just said that he'd have to be carted off the field to leave a game like that. Rivers did play the 2007 AFC Championship game with a torn ACL, so I believe him. But why even comment? You know you're tough. There is no need to let people know you're tougher than another player.

You'll notice a common theme among these players who took to Twitter. None of them were in the playoffs this year. No one should care what these guys are saying from the comforts of their homes, while Cutler was actually playing football in late January.

Some joke from had a column where he compared himself to Cutler. The author, who I refuse to name and link to because it was such a crappy, ego-driven article, said he played through a similar injury recently without problem. The man was playing goalie in a pick-up hockey league when he suffered a Grade I MCL sprain. And yes, he thought because he could play through this injury, Cutler should have played through his. I seriously doubt he had to endure incredible athletes crashing into him on multiple occasions like Cutler did on Sunday. In fact, I doubt he had to move much. The author was playing goalie for goodness' sake!

Now, if you want to rip Cutler for sucking before the injury, have at it. He was terrible.

If you want to criticize him for appearing to sulk on the sidelines and not help the other quarterbacks, I'm cool with that. Cutler is a self-centered tool who thinks he is God's gift to football.

But players sitting at home and people who have no idea what it takes to play professional football calling Cutler out for not coming back is ridiculous and these individuals need to shut up.

Aerosmith - Shut Up and Dance

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