Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hiatus over

I had a short hiatus, but now I'm back and ready for action.

The poll results are in and there were no surprises there. David Lee Roth was by far the best Van Halen frontman. Sammy Hagar wrote cheesy love songs, and Gary Cherone was terrible.

Not sure why any of you voted for the "who the f&%k is Gary Cherone" option. I told you who he was in the next option!

As for sports, there was Usain Bolt breaking the sound barrier in both the 100-meter and the 200m. I don't remember an athlete in any sport that was so much better than everyone else. Michael Phelps is dominating in swimming, but some of his races are close. Bolt could, and has, pulled up during a race and the rest of the field still wasn't close.

Plaxico Burress is going to jail for up to two years for criminal gun possession. As I've already posted on this Web site, I think it's a harsh punishment, but the guy is an idiot. In an interview with ESPN, he said that not having a holster was a poor decision. Really? Just admit it, Plax. Holsters are for wimps. Badasses put the gun in the back of their pants. Caution be damned! Carrying a gun and not having the safety on were poor decisions. Looking and feeling cool was the right move. Too bad you screwed that up by shooting yourself.

The media is still talking about Brett Favre every day. Especially after his 1-for-4 outing against Kansas City. It's preseason. Who cares? If he is stinking or lighting it up in the regular season, tell me. Well, they definitely will, so that last statement was useless.

I guess the most recent news would be that Mark Sanchez has been named the New York Jets starting quarterback. The Jets probably were not going to be relevant this year no matter which quarterback they chose. Sanchez was great for USC, but he has very little game experience and is going to struggle this year. Fantasy players should stay away.

Sorry. Fantasy football is here and I needed a reference.

Biko - Peter Gabriel

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