Sunday, August 16, 2009

Child leashes need to go

Sorry for the break in posts. I was vacationing in Orlando last week. In fact, the vacation inspired this post.

During my week at Disney World parks and SeaWorld, I saw a lot of things. Grown men with Goofy hats on, a man who dressed up like Captain Jack Sparrow wherever he went and parents telling children to keep their hands to themselves before said parents hit said children. But what really bothered me was all the kids on leashes.

To be fair, I'm not a parent and haven't had to watch over any children in amusement parks. Maybe they are that much easier than holding hands and actually watching the child. But come on!

Kids are not dogs. If the leashed child started walking away, the parents gave a tug, and the child game flying back to the parents' sides. It doesn't seem very safe for the kid. I saw kids going down left and right on these things. And if that wasn't bad enough, I also saw several children go head first into strangers' knees.

Now that brings us to another point. With all these leashes around, I found myself constantly looking down to make sure I was not tripping over the darn things. It's bad enough that you have to avoid trampling children at amusement parks, but now we have to make sure we don't go tumbling over a stupid leash when we avoid stepping on the kid.

The wrist to wrist leashes aren't as bad. It almost like an extended hand hold, but the pedestrian trip risk is still there. I really don't like the stupid monkey backpack leashes. The kid is so happy with their pet monkey on their back, then they are pulled away because their parents don't think they're moving fast enough.

If anyone reading this blog (all five of you) ever see me putting my future children on leashes, I grant you permission to tackle me at any place and time.

Wave of Mutilation - The Pixies

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