Saturday, July 27, 2013

Yigo as a pup

By Jeff

Yigo was already 5 to 8 months old when I found him at the Guam Animals in Needs (G.A.I.N.) shelter on Guam in 2008. So I never got to see the little cutie as a puppy.

Until now. Kind of.

G.A.I.N. just brought in a pair of puppies off the streets of Guam and look just like I imagine Yigo did when he was just a pup being pulled out of the jungles. What do you think?

Maybe Yigo sneaked out of the house when I was away, flew to Guam,
reversed his nuetering and fathered these cuties. Maybe.
This is why someone should adopt those puppies above.
This will be what these puppies look like in a year.

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