Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gonchar, other NHL players lose millions to scam

By Jeff

This is a crazy article that Puck Daddy linked to today. Apparently, several current and former NHL players, including former Pittsburgh Penguins favorite Sergei Gonchar, were swindled out of a total of $25 million by their money manager.

The players and the money manager, Phil Kenner, claimed in the suit that their real estate investor, who was supposed to invest the money in golf courses, condos and hotels, instead spent it on "porn stars, escorts, strippers and party girls."

All four of those things sound like the same thing to me. Also, that is a ton of hookers. For $25 million, I'm imagining a golf course where the galleries are nothing but hookers and the real estate investor is the only one playing.

Turns out the lawsuit was brought on by Kenner and could have been a way to divert attention from the fact that he may have been stealing his clients' money.

It's a wild and fun read and you read the full story here.

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