Friday, June 28, 2013

The path of Hurricane Lucy

By Jeff

If you came home one day and found the scene below, what would you first thought be?

The aftermath of Hurricane Lucy
Maybe that your home had been ransacked by hooligans? Or perhaps that your house was struck by a natural disaster, right?

I guess the natural disaster answer would be correct, but it's not your typical natural disaster or hurricane. No, it's a hurricane you can't stay mad at. It is a force of nature known as Hurricane Lucy.

Do not be fooled. This cutie is a one-dog wrecking crew

Hard to believe the cutie above is responsible for the destruction seen in that first picture, isn't it? You'll see a few toys mixed in with the destruction, so it appears that she just gets bored with those and moves on to more exciting items, like my DVD case and the couch cushions!

Unlike most hurricanes though, Hurricane Lucy can strike a day or two after the worst of the storm has supposedly passed.

Don't believe me?

Hurricane Lucy loves DVDs

Now this damage was partially my fault. I forgot to close the door to one of our bedrooms. You see, Hurricane Lucy is not just a mindless tool of destruction. No, she goes through the house with a fine tooth comb looking for any sign of weakness in the defense preparations. She pushes each door to ensure it's closed. If it's not, then you better hope anything you truly value is out of harm's reach.

Aside from DVDs, which you see are one of her favorite items to chew (I've lost "Highlander: Season 3", "Gladiator", "The Godfather" and "Heat" on separate Hurricane Lucy assaults.), Lucy loves to pull the stuffing out of couches. It's like a game to her. She keeps pulling it out, but there is always more to chew! How exciting!

You can see the stuffing on the couch on the right.
Hurricane Lucy likes to show off her destructive force. She thinks it's fun.

Lucy is lucky my wife and I are dog people. There have been several occasions where my wife has called on the verge of tears because she has come home to the carnage above or similar. I've been on the verge of breakdowns on several occasions myself because when I see the destruction, I picture me pulling an "Into the Wild" and just burning my money.

Fortunately, Hurricane Lucy has been dormant for the past few months. Well, mostly dormant. She has stopped destroying a new item every time we leave her alone in the house. But she has decided to take up cooking. Or at least she is trying to take of cooking. I'm not sure she understands how the stove works yet.

Yes, those are my stove's burners on the floor and Lucy
fleeing the scene.
Every few days come to find a few of our stove's burners scattered throughout the house. Thank goodness we don't have a gas stove. Just imagine if she somehow turned the gas on and burned the house down.

What this hurricane has going for it that others don't is that she is quite lovable when she is not creating mayhem in our home. She is one of the sweetest dogs who loves to play and cuddle. It is actually her love of my wife and I that leads to the destruction. She has what us called separation anxiety. So how can you stay mad at the girl when she is doing what she's doing out of love?

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