Friday, January 11, 2013

Favorite video games of all time: 100-91

By Jeff

Another post without the the sports. I'm continuing to nerd it up because there just isn't anything fun to talk about in the sports world.

I could speculate on the head coaching searches of the NFL, but I don't know what it takes to be a head coach in the NFL. I also don't care at all who coaches the Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Chargers, Jacksonville Jaguars, etc.

The only feelings I have for the NFL playoffs are that I am rooting for every team but the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens.

Hockey still isn't on yet, so there is nothing to talk about there.

Taking that into consideration, I spent this week developing a list of my favorite 100 video games and then the grueling task of ordering them. At first, it was easy. The top 20 was a breeze. But 21-100 was filled with tough decisions, edits, somehow forgetting incredible games and going back to place them in their proper place.

So here is 100-91. This is a list of MY favorite games. Yours will be different. Also, I have never played highly acclaimed games like "Bioshock", "Half-Life" and "Mass Effect" to name a few. Those games will not be on this list. I hear great things and I look forward to playing them someday, but if I haven't played it, then it can't be on my list, can it?

100: Rampage (NES) - Come on. Who hasn't wanted to control a giant Godzilla or King Kong-like creature and go on a massive spree of destruction. We're talking destroying buildings, tanks and eating people. It iss so much fun punching a building, finding a man inside, and then eating said man to get some life back.

99: After Burner (NES) - I grew up loving the movie "Iron Eagle" ("Top Gun" can suck it). And this game reminded me of that movie. You are a jet fighter and you destroy other jet fighters. Sure, you don't have the dog fights that are now possible in gaming, but the fact you can lock on, dodge missles and barrel roll is awesome.

98: Hyper Zone (SNES) - A friend of mine in first or second grade owned this title. He claimed it was impossible. He lent it to me and I conquered it. We are no longer friends. Did this game play a role in our friendship dissolving? No. He became a d-bag.

Anyway, this game iss just a lot of fun and was a common game played on the Nickelodeon game show surrounding video games in the early 90's. I always saw players fail at this game and was mad I never had the opportunity to go on and dominate.

97: Life Force (NES) - You'll see a lot of these old school NES games on my list. It was, and still is, a great system. I still have one that occasionally works! "Life Force" is awesome for two reasons. First, the way the levels are alive. Did you see how the cave just transformed around the :47 mark? And then there is a level you're in a dragon's mouth and and its teeth suddenly chomp at you. Second, it is two-player, which is rare for games like this.

Also, I love these shooter-type games where you just fire like crazy, hope for upgrades and try your damndest not to explode. Unfortunately, I played this game, and a lot like it, when I was in the 5-8 range, so I exploded early and often. Nope. That's not what she said, Mike.

96: Iron Sword: Wizards and Warriors II (NES) - This game, like so many NES games, is tough. Very tough and frustrating. But it iss also a blast to play. There are so many places to explore, items to gather and it introduces magic as a weapon for the hero, Kuros. It is also unique in that you had to find the magic spell in order to beat a section's boss. Without the spell, the boss couldn't be hurt. It was a layer that was new to me in the video game world. Also, I really enjoy ducking and jabbing the sword like it's a machine gun.

95: ExciteBike (NES) - This is on the list for one reason: Going off a jump at high speeds, crashing and then rolling for the remainder of the course. OK, it is also a lot of fun.

94: Colony Wars (PS1) - Think "After Burner" but in space and better, and that's what "Colony Wars" is. The dog fights are intense and the weapons are cool, especially how you have to switch from shield destroying lasers to ship destroying lasers once the shields are down. I don't remember what the story is all about. All I care about is blowing up as many ships as I can.

93: Wizards and Warriors (NES) - This game holds a special place in my heart for some strange reason I can't explain. I really sucked at it as a kid. I could get to the third level and that was it. And then, on the third level you need this on potion to make you jump higher to get to a treasure required to advance. So you can spend an hour trying to get the bad guys to drop that potion, and then you still sometimes miss the jump!

Whatever. Like its sequel, "Wizards and Warriors" is more expansive than most of the games of its era. It is challenging and that challenge significantly raises its replay value. Oh, I also love the temper tantrem Kuro throws before he dies. Classic.

92: Knights of the Round (SNES) - This is the first fighter side-scroller I recall where you can level up throughout the game and get better weapons and armor. The time period of the game is what draws me to it, and I have fond memories of the co-op mode. Someone really needs to tell Swan that Lancelot is the worst of the playable characters, though.

91: Warhawk (PS1) - OK, if this game only had it's first level, it would still be on this list. The freedom you have in battle and flying around is just awesome. All the different weapons made it an instant upgrade to anything that came before it. I remember playing this and forgettoing about the actual mission. I would just chase around the other fighters in dog fights.


  1. Well I would never make a that's what she said joke about an elementary school aged kid. That's just distasteful. But Life Force was sick. It always felt weird to me how the levels kinda just flowed into each other and there was no real victory music and new screen, etc....

  2. That is a great point you make about the levels just transitioning right into each other. What a game. That pick could have easily been Gladius, if it were two-player.