Thursday, April 7, 2011

NHL's hypocrisy strikes again

By Jeff

The NHL is once again showing it's inconsistency in penalizing players for hits to the head. It's getting ridiculous.

In a previous post, I ranted about what a joke it was that Todd Bertuzzi didn't get suspended for an elbow to the head of another player. It is the kind of the hit the NHL said they were trying to eliminate from the game. Bertuzzi's elbow was flying high and connecting with another player's head. Bertuzzi got a game misconduct but no suspension.

There is no excuse for the NHL not suspending Bertuzzi at least two games. As a repeat offender, he should have received four.

Then there was this hit the other night. Raffi Torres crushed Jordan Eberle. He clearly hit Eberle in the head, but the Eberle's head was lowered and Torres didn't hit him with an elbow. I think you could argue he was still targeting Eberle's head. It was definitely interference, but it wasn't an elbow. Torres raised the elbow after the hit, but never connected. The hit certainly wasn't as bad as Bertuzzi's. But wait, Torres got suspended four games.


Can someone please explain to me how the NHL thinks this hit is worse the Bertuzzi hit? It makes no sense. 

Maybe those conspiracy theories about the league favoring certain teams (I'm looking at you, Original Six) aren't really conspiracies. And don't try and tell me that it's such a tough job to hand out punishment consistently in this sport. That's a joke. It's clear to anyone that is not a biased observer to tell which hits are dangerous and which ones are not. Colin Campbell doesn't have a tough job. He just sucks at it.

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