Friday, April 15, 2011

Blue-Gold Game hype ridiculous

By Jeff

Maybe it's because I went to a small college with a FCS football team, but these spring scrimmages really get under my skin. The worst offender is this highly advertised Notre Dame Blue-Gold game.

For those of you who don't know what these spring scrimmages are, they are the intra-squad games schools have to get people excited for the upcoming football season. The Notre Dame game is getting all kinds of hype because it's the 82nd Blue-Gold Game and it will be the first time it's televised.

Who cares?

First, it's Notre Dame. When was the last time they were actually relevant in the National Championship picture? I think Lou Holtz was coaching and had not yet gone senile. Are people really interested in watching a glorified practice of a mediocre and perennially overhyped team?

That brings up the second point. It's a practice (Go on. Everyone do their best Allen Iverson impression.). It's a practice where teammates and friends are not going to be going 100 percent because in the back of their minds they don't want anyone to get hurt. Sure, some guys will be looking to get the coaches' attention, but I sincerely doubt the intensity will be anywhere near the level that makes football fun to watch.

Third, it's April and the season starts in September. What they do in this spring game means little. They could look like stars in the scrimmage and then turn to crap in a real game.

I understand that Alumni love this stuff, but does it really need to be televised? Does Versus need to advertise it like it's actually a big deal? It's not. It's a friggin' practice. Just one more way colleges and the NCAA to make money off of college athletes who get suspended if they sell a jersey or trophy because they're broke college students and need money.

Pure Prairie League - Amie


  1. I always loved Blue and White. Most people just drink and never go in because the football obviously isn't going to be that great. It's just such a great chance to get a first look at the new squad. Like any other sport, all teams except one go into the season knowing that they didn't get it done last year. This is the year that it is supposed to be different. Who cares if there are question marks all over the team? You can always hope for perfection.

    At Penn State it almost seemed like the school should just run from September - November. Spring semesters were just a let down. When you don't have a good basketball team, you're constantly wondering, "Which weekend is Blue and White?" It keeps you sane to have that spring game to look forward to.

    Go State.

  2. I don't mind the Spring games. I think everyone is just sick of being inside all winter and wantes to tailgate and watch some football. I think the players like them too; a chance to play in front of your fans and impress the coaches.

    I agree that it's dumb to televise them, but what other programming can they provide? Like anything, just dont watch it if it annoys you.

    Most schools give away tickets or charge <$10. That money could go to sending the Diving team to regionals or something like that.

    Do you all think NCAAF will ever allow a preseason game?

    Let's goooo Mountaineers!

  3. You make a strong point about the spring game helping pay for other sports and was something I didn't give a thought.

    I was just bothered by the hype surrounding the televising of the Notre Dame game. Especially the dramatic music and narrator.