Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl pick

By Jeff

We've finally made it. The Super Bowl is here and we can finally be released from the 24/7 sports news cycle of the game.

No more stories about players singing at piano bars, Maurkice Pouncey's ankle injury or Aaron Rodgers being the greatest quarterback in the history of the game.
How has no one mentioned how pasty-white Rodgers is?

The only thing left is to play the game. Well, the only thing left for me to do is make the pick. I'm 8-2 in the playoffs, which is much better than my regular season record. Yeah, I'm tooting my own horn.

Pittsburgh (+2.5) over GREEN BAY: Did you know that Aaron Rodgers is really good in domes and that Dallas will have the roof closed? We've only been hearing about it for two weeks. He also has a scary quick release that is needed if you want to do well against the Steelers. B.J. Raji is also the greatest nose tackle to ever play in the 3-4 defense. Ever.

OK, so like many Steelers fans, I think the Packers are being played up a lot. If you're living in other parts of the country or are a Packers fan, you may not be getting that impression. Think of it as a taste of what Steelers fans are thinking or yelling at when the analysts come on TV and pour praise upon Aaron Rodgers like he was Zeus' gift to football with his lightning-fast release and ability to impregnate woman while in the form of a swan.

No one seems to mention that he has struggled against defenses that get after the quarterback this year. His offense did not put a lot of points on the board against teams like the Chicago Bears and New York Jets. They also haven't seen many good 3-4 defenses this season, and the Steelers have the best in the league. Don't tell me they see a great 3-4 in practice every day. That's practice and Rodgers is wearing a red jersey in those.

The Steelers are going to win this game. They run the ball better, their defense provides the biggest challenge Rodgers has seen this year and Ben Roethlisberger lives for these moments. He's an egomaniac. He says the right things to the press and appears humble, but I think he is constantly thinking about his legacy. He wants to be mentioned with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, not after them.

Who would you trust more in the final two minutes with the game on the line? Rodgers, whose coach has a mean streak of terrible time management, or Roethlisberger, who has already led a last-minute Super Bowl winning drive and has done it countless times in the regular season?

And pardon me if I'm not sold on the Packers secondary being so amazing. The Atlanta Falcons only have Roddy White and the Chicago Bears have no receivers at all and were playing a third-string quarterback for almost half the game. Hines Ward, Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown are going to pose a much bigger threat than the Packers have seen in the playoffs.

The Steelers will miss Pouncey, but Doug Legursky played decent in the AFC Championship. I would even say he played very well if he didn't have those two fumbled snaps. With two weeks of practice, I highly doubt you'll see those fumbled snaps again, so I think he will be just fine.

Rashard Mendenhall is going to take home the MVP. The Steelers will win their seventh Super Bowl and Roethlisberger will cement his legacy as an elite quarterback.

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