Thursday, February 18, 2010

Giant "who cares?" for Tiger's statement

Tiger Woods will be breaking his month-long silence tomorrow. Every sports station, and all media for that matter, are flooding their programming with previews for the press conference, and I'm already annoyed.

He won't be answering any questions. He is going to make a statement to a small group of friends, family and a select few journalists. He will probably apologize for being addicted to sex, letting his family and fans down and losing millions of dollars in endorsements. Well, maybe he won't apologize for that, but he's probably thinking it. The PGA and golf fans alike are hoping he will announce when he will return to golf, and they are crossing their fingers it's soon.

I am not going to watch or listen to the statement. Not just because I will be at work, but because I think it is overshadowing the Olympics and the great achievements happening every day in Vancouver.

I can't remember the last time three Americans won three gold medals in three separate events on the same day in the Winter Olympics. But I know it happened Wednesday, and those athletes are not getting as much publicity as Tiger announcing he is going to announce he is sorry on Friday.

Lindsey Vonn, Shaun White and Shani Davis kicked ass for their country, but the man who cheated on his wife with a baker's dozen of women gets more attention. I understand he is Tiger, and many consider him the greatest athlete on the planet (he's not even the most dominate player in his sport, that title belongs to Roger Federer), but why does the media need to treat it like a WWE event? Tons of hype that is going to leave everyone unsatisfied because it's fake.

The man just spent how ever many months lying those who are the most important to him. You think three months of being women's public enemy No. 1 is going to cause him to have a change of heart and spill his guts to us?

Tell us when you're going to golf again and be done with it. I don't care how sorry he is. It's none of my business what he does with his personal life. It's not the media's business. We shouldn't care if he is sleeping around, but that's just the kind of society we are in right now. Who our favorite celebrities are sleeping comes off as more important than the great feats of those we should be giving all the attention to.

Once again I have only contributed to the problem and I am sorry. I advise you to boycott the statement and just hear from someone else when Tiger is coming back.

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