Friday, August 2, 2013

Was Huntington gun shy or smart?

By Jeff

Obviously I don't work in any front office in Major League Baseball. I doubt this blog would exist if I did. So it is impossible for me to know what went down during Wednesday's trade deadline.

Here is what I do know. There were slim pickings this year. When Alex Rios is the biggest bat being talked about on the market, and Bud Norris is the only pitcher creating real buzz, you know there are not a lot of quality options.

But I also know that he Pittburgh Pirates have a serious hole in right field, and a slightly less serious hole at first base, when it comes to bats. The team could have used an upgrade. I'm not saying the team should have given up a grade A prospect for Rios, but I was expecting and hoping they would do something. Really, I just wanted Kendrys Morales. He is a free agent next year and his current team, the Seattle Mariners, are not going anywhere this season.

Alas, the Buccos didn't trade for Morales. They didn't trade for anyone.

Pirates general manager Neal Huntington claims that he made offers that made him uncomfortable. News even leaked out that he made a major offer for Miami Marlins right fielder Giancarlo Stanton.Yet not moves were made.

It was a little surprising that the Pirates didn't acquire even someone minor. I know Bob Smizik was gushing about bringing in David DeJesus from the Chicago Cubs, and I actually agree with him. DeJesus is not a sexy name, but he hits righties well, would have been an upgrade in right field and couldn't have cost that much.

So why no moves, Neal? It could be that selling teams recognized the Pirates had a huge need in right field and were demanding more than Huntington was willing to give up. If this is the case, I fully agree with the decision to do nothing. But if Huntington didn't pull the trigger on a deal because he unwilling to part with mid-range prospects, like Ken Rosenthal thinks here, then I'm a little disappointed in the man.

Another interesting point Rosenthal brings up is that the Miami Herald tweeted that a source within the Marlins organization said the team received plenty of calls regarding Stanton, but none of those calls were from the Pirates. It makes you wonder, was Huntington lying about making an offer to Stanton? If he was lying, was he also fibbing about making other offers that made him uncomfortable?

True or not, it doesn't matter. This is the team fans have from this point out. It is a team that currently holds the best record in baseball. Despite no trades, Huntington, the coaching staff and the players have built a winning team that has brought excitement to their fans. This team has shown they can beat the best the National League has to offer without any reinforcements. Fans can complain about Huntington if the team comes up short in September or October, but for now, let's enjoy the ride.

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  1. Love the new background!

    I think he was smart. I wanted to get Nate Schierholtz, but I had heard the cost was Tyler Glasnow. No thanks.

    As for Giancarlo, I'd be shocked if Neal didn't make an offer. It was such an obvious move that would have put us over the top as a contender. Plus, the fact that he went after Trumbo makes me think he wanted to get a "splash" player and not just someone that is a marginal upgrade like Rios.