Sunday, May 13, 2012

Meet Lucy

By Jeff

Julianna and I have been talking about getting Yigo, A.K.A. the greatest dog in the world, a playmate for the past few months.

The idea is that Yigo lived with his sister at the animal shelter on Guam, and then lived with my parents' dog for about two years. So we figured he was getting lonely when we went off to work.

We visited several meet and greets at various pet stores in the Philadelphia area, and saw a whole lot of awesome dogs including cute huskies, giant alaskan malamutes and cuddling greyhounds.

There were several dogs we met or saw online that we want to bring home, but they were going quick. Fortunately, we found one and acted before anyone else.

Her name is Lucy. She is the most gentle dog I've ever met since, well, Yigo! She literally gives hugs, where she will jump into your arms and bury her head in your chest.

At first, Yigo was not a big fan. He got very defensive of the dining room, where his food sits. He didn't like her trying to get up on "his" couch or close to any toys (some of which were bought for Lucy). But in less than a week, Yugo has warmed up to Lucy. As long as she stays away from his food, they get along wonderfully.

Now, we weren't too excited when Lucy left the biggest puddle of pee we've ever seen in our bedroom, or dropped a steamer right after she came in. And we were terrified she was going to explode when she refused to relieve herself outdoors for almost two days. But these problems have been fixed now that Lucy is comfortable in our home.

She's awesome and we're very excited to have her as a member of our family. And Yigo is too. He just won't admit it yet!

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  1. UNREAL picture at the bottom of the post. Are you wearing a robe? Didn't picture you as a robe guy. You're a good man, adopting animals.