Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More random thoughts

The blog was on hiatus for a few weeks and I apologize to my handful of wonderful readers. Internet was down for 10 days and then I was just lazy. On the bight side, it gave me plenty of time to compile another list of random thoughts.

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers had a decent draft. Love the Maurkice Pauncy pick and trading for Bryant McFadden, but a little disappointed they didn't go with an inside linebacker higher than they did.
  • Not sure who I feel worse for, Sam Bradford or Jason Campbell. Bradford is going to get paid lots of money, but may be killed behind an atrocious St. Louis line. Meanwhile, Campbell goes from one joke of an organization to a bigger joke of an organization and will probably disappear in the black hole that is Oakland.
  • Why did Tim Tebow have the longest interview after being drafted 25 overall? I am probably going to hell because I want the man to fall on his face.
  • "Clash of the Titans" was not a good movie. I am all for big action movies in theaters, but some plot is needed.
  • I used to be a big Mel Kiper hater. I think it was mostly jealousy that his job is to watch football and say if players will be good, OK or stink with no real consequences for being wrong. Seriously, what a sweet gig. My hatred died down because of Todd McShay's emergence and my hatred of him.
  • Great column here by The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's Joe Starkey on how Roger Goodell is setting a dangerous precedent with the Big Ben suspension.
  • Now, if the Steelers met with Goodell and said they wanted Roethlisberger suspended 4-6 games, I'm OK with the suspension because the union can't fight it from the commissioner, but could have if it was levied by the team.
  • If the Steelers start 1-3 or 0-4, do you think fans would still be calling to the radio stations demanding Ben be traded?
  • If they are, do you think they'll still be making those claims when Ben comes back and leads the team to the playoffs?
  • The NHL playoffs are the best postseason in sports, and it's not even close. The overtime thrillers, upset potential in every round and the determination of players to take the ice with pretty serious injuries are just a few of the reasons. If a baseball player has a sports hernia, he misses at least a month. A hockey player has it and plays three games a week without us even knowing.
  • Go Habs!
  • Does anyone else think that the media is making too much out of the Washington Capitals-Montreal Canadiens Game 7? It's a great story about the No. 8-seeded Habs taking the Caps to the brink, but is this really the biggest game in Alexander Ovechkin's career? His team should win this game nine times out of 10. Yet, if they win this game and he plays well, the media will make him out to be some great hero. It's the first round. If he gets past the second, then you can almost say he has done something.
  • Sidney Crosby haters were already desperately reaching for flaws in the man's game. Look at his past year of feats and you'll see they really have nothing to grasp. I'm not saying they have to like him, but you have to respect him and his ability to raise his game when called upon.
  • Max Talbot is back. Somewhere (Detroit's bench), Chris Osgood is having nightmares from last year's Game 7.
  • Maybe next year the New Jersey Devils will realize that Martin Brodeur can't play 70+ games in the season and be expected to be in top form come playoffs time.
  • Then again, they didn't learn it the past three years, so why would they pick up on it next season?
  • Remember my rant about reserving judgement on the Pittsburgh Pirates this season? After a recent 7-game skid, I'm starting to think the team's critics had a few points.
  • Jeff Karstens = Cy Young!
  • Was that last one an overreaction?
  • I still support the Jeff Clement experiment. I don't care if Steve Pearce is batting .400 is AAA, he had plenty of chances and sucked at the big league level.
  • Aki Iwamura looks fat this season. He's currently batting under .200. Coincidence? I think not.
  • If you even remotely look like a Mexican, or just have a dark tan, do not go to Arizona.
  • Anyone else laugh when they see the "C" on Ovechkin's jersey?
  • After about eight years of participating in fantasy sports, I am beginning to lose interest. Drafts are still fun, but the season is losing it's allure. And it's not because I'm sucking in some leagues.
  • With that being said, I am obsessed with a current rinkotology fantasy league I am in for the NHL playoffs. I'm 12 points shy of $50!
  • Freddie Prinze Jr. is still alive in Season 8 of "24". What the hell?! And when did he get his crazy eyes? Watch the show for 5 minutes and you'll see what I'm talking about.
  • "Paranormal Activity" was really, really boring. Although, now anytime I here a creak in my house I think it is a demon coming for me.
  • Despite reading several stories explaining it, I still don't get how Greece's failing economy could cause widespread problems in Europe. I have a deep respect for people of Greek decent and their contributions to society (mythology being the big one, with democracy a close second), but what exactly do they contribute today?
  • Loyal reader, Mike, just puked a little in his mouth and decided he's going to throw a molotov cocktail through my bedroom window because of that last thought.
  • Bring it.
Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good

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