Tuesday, April 17, 2012

'First Take' reached new low

By Jeff

Anyone else see Jalen Rose make fun of ESPN 2 "First Take's" Skip Bayless last week?

It was a funny comment that I caught on YouTube. Rose was annoyed about Bayless ripping NBA players like Russell Westbrook. So what does Rose do? He points out how Bayless never played as a senior in high school and that he was nicknamed Water Pistol Pete Jr.

If you saw the show, you saw Bayless wanted to cry, but was strong and held back the tears.

But that is not the reason for this post. The next day they brought Rose back and they had a whole segment explaining why Bayless was offended by Rose's comments, and then they had Stephen A. Smith come on and yell at Rose for taking offense to Bayless always ripping pros.

Here is the segment.

If you watched the whole thing, I'm sorry I just wasted 25 minutes of your life. I wanted others to feel my pain.

First, no one cares that Bayless allegedly got screwed over by his high school coach in favor of the coach's son. No one feels bad for Skip. Especially when you hear him rip professional players, accuses MLB umpires of helping their friend (Mark Buehrle) pitch a perfect game, and says on air he thinks he could hit major league pitching as if he is a great athlete. Oh, and then there is the whole he put in a book that Troy Aikman was gay. When you take these types of shots at people, disrespect people and dive into people's personal lives, you open yourself up to the type of thing Rose said.

Second, Rose comes off as an ass. Telling Smith and Bayless, that they have never played the game, so they have no right to call Kwame Brown a scrub. I get what Rose is saying when he argues a NBA player who has been in the league for 10 years can't be a scrub. But he has to realize the way the term scrub and others like it have come to be used in today's sports vocabulary.

High school, college and pro teams have scrubs. The guys that are on the team but don't get a lot of minutes or play any sort of significant role. They're not saying Brown and others like him have no skill and don't belong. They're saying he is a bench guy that doesn't bring much to the table.

Third, if Rose came off as an ass, Smith came off as one of the biggest asses I've ever seen. His persona has grown incredibly stale. Yelling at people, cutting people off and making stupid faces while others are talking are things we learn at a young age is disrespectful and rude. Smith has made a second career of being a rude and disrespectful ass. While he was right in saying how embarrassed by Rose and Bayless, he then went on a ridiculous rant. Rose would be making a point and Smith would start yelling four questions at him and keep yelling "Answer my question, Jalen!" while Rose was talking.

It was the perfect example of the type of character Smith is on television. He is a loud, arrogant ass who LOVES to hear himself talk more than he likes to listen to anyone else.

It was really a low point for all three commentators and ESPN for airing the segment. The reason for the segment? Twitter backlash.

Wow. Just wow.

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